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KTK Downhole Connectors by Kemlon-High Temperature/High Pressure


These connectors are designed to seal at pressures exceeding 20,000 psi and 350°F simultaneously. The hermaphroditic design allows for easy error-free alignment of the mating parts. Molded with the aromaticpolyeterketones APK 5000 or APK 7000, these connectors will not “out gas” and contaminate expensive logging tool instrumentation like glass-filled epoxies manufactured by competitors. Furthermore this material will not chip or crack with mishandling nor absorb moisture as is common with glass-filled epoxies. Gold plated contacts, pins, and solder cups insure low contact resistance, corrosion resistance, and outstanding solderability. The solder cups are provided in a cone-shaped pattern that enhances access to the solder cups making soldering simple and efficient. Conductors are gold plated beryllium copper providing currents of 7 amps per conductor with insulation resistances pin to pin and pin to ground in the gig-ohm range at 500 VDC. Because all manufacturing is performed in-house including the pins, contacts, injection molding, and gold plating; Kemlon can better control both quality and deliveries.

These connectors find widespread use in:
  1. Lithium Battery Packs used in oil and gas downhole applications
  2. MWD and LWD applications
  3. Downhole oil tools
  4. Downhole sensor connections

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