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 Kemlon manufactures a variety of slip-on female connectors and molded cable connectors for use with male bulkhead connectors. The slip-on female connector, commonly called the boot, and the molded female cable connector make up the second half of the high pressure connector system. It is our recommendation that a female boot or molded cable connector should always accompany the male connector. The slip on boots are frequently abbreviated - SF (Splice Female) and the cable female - CF (Cable Female).

Cable Length

 Cable females consist of rubber bonded to a compatible cable and a metal contact that is surrounded by rubber. These CF leads are manufactured normally to be 12 inches overall, but can be supplied in any length that may be required. Kemlon has a high temperature version of the cable female called CTF. The CTF has a teflon liner which surrounds the metal contact and electrically insulates the signal from the rubber. Cable female connectors are limited by the rating and specifications of the cable themselves.

Slip-On Boots

 Slip-on boots are not bonded to the cable, but rather are sized to fit over the cable. The outside diameter of the cable should always accompany an order for slip-on boots. The conductor diameter of the cable is also required for crimpable inserts for non-Kemlon cable. Slip-on or SF boots work well on cables with a smooth surface. SF boots can be supplied with solder type contacts or crimpable contacts. The high temperature version, abbreviated SFT, has a teflon liner and can have solder or crimpable contacts also. SF and SFT boots are frequently used with teflon covered cables and therefore are limited by the rubber compound specified for the boot. SF and SFT boots are sold in sets so that the part number consists of the boot and the appropriate teflon and metal contact.

Rubber Compounds

 Kemlon has a variety of rubber compounds that can be used to mold cable connectors and boots. These are listed in Table 2. The compounds KN-02, KN-34, and KN-42 are proprietary compounds that Kemlon has developed and compounded especially for high temperature water and down hole oil well environments. Kemlon uses Neoprene as the standard material for SF and CF boots and cable connectors. Kemlon uses KN-02 for SFT and CTF boots and cable connectors. However, Hycar, Viton A, KN-34, or KN-42 may be requested as optional material. In some cases different molds are needed for the same part due to differences in shrinkage. Kemlon recommends KN-34 or KN-42 rubber compounds for severe service. Rubber specifications are available upon request.

Compound Classification Max. Temp. (°F) Recommended Uses (°F) Standard Material on Optional Material on
Neoprene Chloroprene 325 Underwater and less than 300 SF, CF --
Hycar Nitrile 400 Downhole and less than 325 -- SFT, CFT
KN-02 Nitrile 400 Downhole and less than 350 SFT, CTF --
Viton A Fluoroelastomer 470 Downhole and less than 425 -- SF, SFT
KN-34 Fluoroelastomer 520 Downhole and less than 475 -- SF, SFT, CF, CTF
KN-42 Fluoroelastomer 510 Downhole and less than 475 -- SF, SFT

manufacturing Manufacturing Capabilities

Kemlon maintains a broad manufacturing operation including special equipment for high technology products. Highlights of these capabilities are:

Plastic Molding: Automatic and semi-automatic injection and transfer molding of high performance plastics using high temperatures and pressures up to 42,000 PSI.

Rubber Molding: Transfer and compression molding of neoprene, nitrites, fluoroelastomers, and proprietary compounds that are mixed in-house.

manufacturing Precision Machine Work: Kemlon does virtually all machine work in-house utilizing modern screw machines, tape N.C., and C.N.C. automatic lathes and mills, swiss screw machines, multi-spindle lathes and automatic grinders. In addition, small lot production is done in-house on conventional lathes and milling machines including all fixture and mold making.

Hermetic Sealing: Kemlon does all glass and ceramic sealing in-house using batch ovens, induction heating furnaces, and an inert atmosphere continuous furnace.

Welding: Kemlon's special welding facilities include TIG, Plasma as well as computer controlled Laser and Electron Beam for critical applications.

Engineering Services: Kemlon maintains a staff of ten graduate engineers with an average experience level of 10 years each.