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Kemlon BMSC glass sealed feedthrus consist of a pin, a ceramic insulator, a threaded body, and glass, all sealed together to make a hermetically sealed electrical connector.  The ceramic insulator reinforces the glass and extends the insulation beyond the threads on the body.  The ceramic insulator consists of highly insulating 99% Aluminum Oxide.  The BMSC glass sealed feedthrus use a rubber "O" ring to make the extrenal high pressure seal.   The "O" ring is crushed into the chamfer when the feedthru is tightened into the threaded hole.

BMSC Kemtites work well in oil systems or in vacuums where the vacuum is on the threaded side of the feedthru.  As with the BMS Kemtite the temperature rating is determined by the temperature rating of the "O" ring.  Kemlon tests indicate that for a limited time "O" rings are capable of 450 deg F maximum temperature.

Standard Part Numbers

Part Number Description Pin Dia (inches) Thread Max Temp (Deg F) Max Pressure (PSIG) Current (Amps) Max Voltage
16-B-1006 K-12-BMSC 0.040 8-32 450 20,000 4.1 1,000
16-B-1007 K-16-BMSC 0.040 10-32 450 20,000 4.1 1,000
16-B-1005 K-25-BMSC 0.062 1/4-28 450 20,000 6.9 1,500

Standard Construction

Body 300 Series Stainless Steel
Pin Alloy 52
Insulation Glass/Ceramic



k16 bmasc k16 bmasc2



k16 bmasc k16 bmasc2



k16 bmasc k16 bmasc2
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