Kemlon Kemlon

Elastomer Options

Table 6
Compound Classification Durometer Shore A Temperature Range °C Recommended Uses
KN-01 Neoprene® 65 -55 to 162 General Purpose Compound. Underwater applications. Good insulator
KN-02 Nitrile 80 -16 to 180 Downhole oil wells. Inexpensive. Slightly conductive electrically.
KN-34 Fluoroelastomer 80 -20 to 260 For high temperature appllication. Excellant electrical insulator at temperature. Excellant resistance to water/steam.
KN-38 Viton® A 84 -14 to 230 General purpose high temperaure applications.
KN-42 Fluoroelastomer 82 -20 to 260 Excellant chemical resistance. High temperature downgole well service. Excellant resistance to water, water based and oil based drilling fluids.
KN-53 Fluoroelastomer 78 -20 to 250 Excellant gas resistance. High temperature downhole oil well service.Limited oil based drilling fluid resistance.
KN-55 Fluoroelastomer 67 -20 to 260 Similar to KN-34 except lower durometer. Better flexibility.
KN-62 Fluoroelastomer 65 -35 to 260 Similar to KN-42. better low temperature flexibility. More expensive.
KN-61 Polyurethane 75 -55 to 130 Compatible with polyurethane and neoprene cables. Pressure molded compound.Water resistant, but not recommended for oil well service.
KN-63 Polyurethane 80 -56 to 140 Compatible with neoprene and polyurethane cables. Castable compound meets MIL-M240441-C category A.