Kemlon Kemlon

OPCFA - Molded Cable - Female

OPCFA Connector
Temperature: -60 to 162 ° C (neoprene)
Pressure: 0 to 20,000 PSI
Rubber: Neoprene, standard (See elastomer chart for optional rubber compounds)
Inserts: Copper alloy, gold plated, one indexing pin
Wire: Recommend smooth Teflon® covered wire; not included. Must specify wire size when ordering.

Part Number X Dia Y Length
16-B-1314-10 0.62 1.90
16-B-1316-10 0.75 1.90
16-B-1318-10 1.00 1.90
16-B-1320-10 1.12 1.90
Note: Mates with OPBMGS